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Welcome to the innovative development created by FLOWER.

A collection of furniture, plant pots and watering cans for indoor and outdoor use that combines design and usefulness.
Style, elegance, quality and differentiation.
Textures, properly designed shapes and elements that caressed by fingers. Always distinguished.

Concepts that create our first collection and that we present, under the name of Mediterranean Concept.

We have obtained the best from how we understand the Mediterranean culture and life, transferring it to the quality of the elements.
The style that we like, elegant and sophisticated at the same time, with the right touches of glamour.

Mediterranean Concept by Hana consists of transmitting the importance of shape, materials and design, and transferring it to the daily elements that accompany us in our lives.

Hello, I am Hana. If you know nothing about me, come in and meet me.


The Flower brand, present in the gardening market for more than 50 years, has consolidated its position in the gardening sector in order to contribute to the well-being of society, taking care of garden and market garden flowers and plants, thanks to the quality and effectiveness of our products that nourish them and protect them.

Research, development and innovation are our proposals to develop the best and highest quality products, which cover the needs of both plant and flower lovers and specialists.

Flower commits to innovation, growth and continuous expansion. This innovative vocation has been reflected in our work year after year and has converted us into one of the largest gardening logistics centres in Spain, with more than 30,000 m2.

Our work is more than purely commercial. Productos Flower also has a commitment to today’s society, reflected in the Bio Line, in harmony with organic production and the environment.

International Flower: At Productos Flower, S.A., we commit to the foreign market. Present on three continents, consolidated in such important markets as Europe, with its own offices in France; Israel, where the domestic gardening and agricultural sectors are highly developed; and with stable activity in the north of Africa and in the Balkans.

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